Non-Invasive, drug-free Erectile Dysfunction (ED) treatment, with proven clinical results, now available in South Africa!

EDSWT™ – Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy is a safe, comfortable treatment for men to optimize sexual performance and to reverse the effects of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) due to poor blood flow.

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Put the Sparkle back in your relationship!

NOW, there is new Hope for Men Who Suffer from the Big ED (Erectile Dysfunction)! Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy (EDSWT).

bigEDfix© a division of Merlin Med (Pty) Ltd is providing the South African market with revolutionary groundbreaking technology in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, through non-invasive drug-free treatment with proven clinical results.

The Big ED, an unmentionable in relationships and marriages. Plagued with The Big ED is too embarrassing to mention by an individual, let alone seek help. The Big ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is so powerful that it destroys relationships, marriages and keeps perfectly eligible men single. Is this you?

Until now individuals who suffer from the Big ED (Erectile Dysfunction) have relied on medication to provide them with a few very well planned blissful hours. However, the medication wears off and then one is back to the limp unresponsive situation that affects your relationship, marriage and personal physiological wellbeing. Carefully you plan the next encounter, pop a pill and perform for the duration that this medication has forced your body into action. It does however not only last for the duration of the romantic encounter, but you are also up and ready to roll for hours to come, which might not be ideal and a rather uncomfortable situation.

How will I benefit from the treatment?

  • No drugs
  • No side effects
  • No surgery
  • No invasive procedures
  • Increased sensation
  • Strong, firm, sustainable erections
  • More intense orgasms
  • Eliminates the need to wait before sexual intercourse
  • Putting spontaneity back into your Sex Life
  • Leads to long-term improvement in sexual performance

What is EDSWT?

Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy (EDSWT) is an innovative approach to vasculogenic ED, delivered by Medispec’s ED1000, a device that uses advanced acoustics technology. This is how it works, watch the clip!

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Am I a Candidate?

Answer a few questions to find out if bigEDfix© is right for you.

We value your privacy and your desire to know if this therapy is appropriate for your individual sexual wellness goals. The answers you provide will be collected but not shared outside the bigEDfix© organization.

• What is your age range? 25-34 | 35-50 | 51-65 | 65+

• Do you suffer from the inability to get and maintain an erection? Yes | No

• Do you suffer from a curved and painful erection? Yes | No

• Have you tried other treatments? Yes | No

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Become a Provider

Enquire about Commercial Opportunities available in the South African market. Become a Provider, contact Merlin Med (Pty) Ltd to receive more information about opportunities to become a Distributor of the ED 1000 EDSWT System or to register a Medical Treatment Centre.

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